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Our main goal is the full satisfaction of our customers.

The company was structured in three operational divisions to attend to the demands of clients who expect to aggregate more value to their projects. See below how TECMON created its own way to operate better and better.


The assemblies division is responsible for the contracts that involve the execution of civil (electric, hydraulic, fire fighting and special systems), industrial and infrastructure (electro-mechanic) works. Thus it has equipment and qualified human resources that allow the efficient management of all the stages that constitute certain enterprises.
The assemblies division is coordinated by the Engineering Department and is responsible for the execution of works contracted by TECMON ENGINEERING in strict accordance with the contract terms acknowledged by the client. It is under its responsibility the works technical direction as well as the issues regarding the personnel, planning, schedule and quality. The technical preparation of its personnel and the available resources allow TECMON ENGINEERING to act in various types of assemblies, within which we point out:

CIVIL CONSTRUCTION – Commercial and Home Works


Installation works at commercial and home constructions:

» Electrical building utilities;
» Step-down Substations;
» Telephony and Structured Cable;
» Fire Fighting Systems (Sprinklers networks, Hose-Reels, Reservoirs, Pump Houses, Fire Extinguishers, Alarm Systems etc.);
» Hydro Sanitary Fixtures; 
» Electro Atmospheric Protection System.



Works at industrial constructions such as:


» Substations in AT up to 345 kV;
» Assemblies of medium voltage substations into shelter or outdoors cabins.
» Industrial electrical installations;
» Control and command panels;
» Building electrics;
» Assemblies of electric installations in classified areas (burst proof);
» Telephony and Structured Cable;
» Electro Atmospheric Protection System.



» Fixed fire fighting system (Sprinklers network, Hose-Reels);
» Overhead and/or underground reservoirs for fire fighting purposes;
» Pump house;
» Fire extinguishers;
» Alarm systems;
» Projects.


» Industrial Hydraulics (cold and services water);
» Rough water collection and treatment plants;
» Sewage collection and treatment system;
» Sewage treatment plants;


» Compressed air generation and distribution system;
» Vapour generation and distribution systems;
» Fuel fluids reserve and distribution systems.



Electro mechanic assemblies for basic infrastructure work, such as:


» Construction of transmission lines up to 345 kV;
» Construction and assembly of power substations up to 345 kV;
» Assembly of high and low voltage electric distribution networks.


» Water collection and treatment plants (WTP);
» Mains water distribution networks;
» Water mains;
» Sewage Treatment Plant (STP);
» Public sewage collection and treatment system.


» Construction of Thermoelectric Power Plants powered by diesel, fuel oil, sugar cane bagasse, gas etc;
» Construction of Small Hydroelectric Stations up to 30MVA (PCH);

» Assembly of diesel or gas mini plants.



The maintenance division is structured to attend services in the electric, hydraulic and sound areas. It has skilled technicians on its pertaining activities, which makes it an important support at the execution of outdoor services.

This division offers wide contracting possibilities, being able to perform prevention maintenance contracts, correction maintenance operations and industrial units scheduled cutoffs. The following services are offered:


» Substations maintenance (cleaning, adjustment, equipment maintenance, oil analysis);
» Electric panels maintenance;
» Command and power circuit maintenance (cable and protection);
» Distribution centres revision and maintenance;
» Lighting systems maintenance.



Through its industrial division, TECMON ENGINEERING manufactures, in partnership with another company, panel assemblies and a broad range of panel boards designed to attend each client’s specific requirements. In order to achieve that, this division has its own engineering department dedicated to this activity, besides having adequate facilities and skilled personnel.
The following products are offered:

» Low and medium voltage distribution boards;
» Engines Control Centres – ECCs;
» Synoptic panels;
» Operation desks;
» Distribution centres (breakers);
» Up to 34 kV remote substations;
» Up to 34,5 kV medium voltage distribution panels;
» Measurement cubicles.


TECMON Engineering has its own projects department with highly skilled personnel ready for the execution of projects in all their described service items. All services go through the Engineering Department which is composed of skilled personnel.
We make ourselves at you service, at no cost, to seek solutions compatible to the problems found in your company.
Our main goal is to attend our clients in the most efficient way possible, aiming at reaching our quality and good services objectives. Thus we offer our clients the administrative and technical management to resolve the specific problems.

Projects in Progress

Completed Projects

Tucuruí - Subtation Enlargement 500kV

Tucuruí - Subtation Enlargement 500kV - Customer: ELN

TTP Mauá Allotment 6, Manaus, Amazon

Mauá Plant Allotment 6, the group has 110 diesel gensets, which together have a total capacity of 140 MW.

TPP Belo Jardim 40MW, Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil

Thermal Power Plant Belo Jardim in Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil

Thermal Power Plant Cidade Nova

Thermal Power Plant with total power of 20 MW at 13.8 KV, located in Cidade Nova, Manaus-AM

Thermal Power Plant - District - Manaus

Thermal Power Plant with total power of 40 MW at 13.8 KV, located in Manaus-AM