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Our History

Everything began more than 18 years ago when we had a dream: to create a company in order to be a national remark in the industrial assembly field.

TECMON history mixes with the period of great leverage of the building works in Brazil. The pro-activity of the technical and commercial areas came to add to our enterprising profile, which pushed favourably the company growth, present today at many states of the Federation.

We invest on education and specialization, always believing that innovative solutions are a natural consequence of a lot of dedication and work.

Our main asset has always been and will continue being the human capital, which we do not give in. Through more than ten years of existence we have introduced actions in the company culture and daily life that contributed to command a good image before the market, increasing the external perception in relation to the adoption of practices that reach a model corporate governance. For TECMON, a client is a partner for life.

Our direct collaborators are engaged in TECMON expansion plan that, besides attending all the national territory will also act in Latin America countries and Africa.
It is with this internal formula – motivation and commitment – that we believe to be contributing to Brazil’s development.



Make better ever and ever, complying with the clients’ demands always in conformance with the ethic principles. Only by respecting society and the environment we will be able to reach the highest level of feasibility to perform our mission.



TECMON has as a permanent challenge to enhance the outsourcing services and the trade relationship, interaction positively with all those whom it shares space on the productive line. To be a quality reference on the segments where it acts is an objective to be built day after day.



Transparency generates credibility and honesty presupposes integrity. For us, wherever we are performing, the name TECMON must refer to the principles we defend together with collaborators, partners and clients, without whom the company would not have a reason to exist.

Projects in Progress

Completed Projects

Tucuruí - Subtation Enlargement 500kV

Tucuruí - Subtation Enlargement 500kV - Customer: ELN

TTP Mauá Allotment 6, Manaus, Amazon

Mauá Plant Allotment 6, the group has 110 diesel gensets, which together have a total capacity of 140 MW.

TPP Belo Jardim 40MW, Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil

Thermal Power Plant Belo Jardim in Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil

Thermal Power Plant Cidade Nova

Thermal Power Plant with total power of 20 MW at 13.8 KV, located in Cidade Nova, Manaus-AM

Thermal Power Plant - District - Manaus

Thermal Power Plant with total power of 40 MW at 13.8 KV, located in Manaus-AM